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Preventive Care

Dr. Emsbo works to support patients through times of health and illness. She supports patients efforts to reduce risk of disease or disease complication with lifesytle interventions, nutrition, medications, and targeted nutrient support. She adheres to high standards of traditional care prevention and treatment and optimizes wellness with her approach.  She is contracted with most insurance companies. 

Internal Medicine and Primary Care

Dr. Emsbo sees patients above the age of 18. In addition to preventive care, she helps patients manage their medical conditions and navigate their medical care. With surrounding excellent multi-subspecialty care, she can refer her primary care patients to top doctors.





Dr. Emsbo has been our primary care physician for over ten years. When we moved two years ago, we traveled nintey minutes each way to continue the relationship.


Dr. Emsbo is extremely knowledgeable and caring. She expertly manages complex medical problems and uses an integrative approach to health. Her calm, compassionate presence encourages intimate discussions of concerns. She understands the importance of the healing relationship and treats us as valued individuals.


Dr. Emsbo is truly a partner in our health care. She is a wonderful physician and an exceptional human being.


Submitted by:

BW, Retired psychiatric nurse practitioner

CW, University professor



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