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Your Optimal Health

During her Internal Medicine Primary Care practice journey of more than 20 years, Dr. Emsbo has sought to help patients find better health and wellness using traditional care and integrative modalities. She begins by using a patient's life story, health history, family history, and exam along with targeted testing.


Dr. Emsbo creates a very individualized plan for achieving optimal health with the information she gathers when she sees patients. She encourages great nutrition, stress reduction, the joy of movement and exercise, the love of family or community, and finding acceptance and peace, in order to guide patients towards improved health, wellness, and joy. 


By integrating insurance covered traditional subspecialty care and referring to alternative disciplines, Dr. Emsbo helps direct patients to strategies to improve their health. Quality preventative care is imperative to avoid disease and often disease complications. By using multiple modalities to help patients, she often safely can reduce their need for medications and reduce their suffering and mortality risk. Her special interests are in nutrition, digestive health, neuroendocrine, immunology and allergy care.









How Dr. Emsbo can help you:
Available Services


Beth Israel Deaconess Health Care 

714 Beacon Street,

Newton Centre, MA, 02459

Tel: 617-332-1001

Fax:  617-332- 5154

Referrals: 617-754-0550

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